The Kontalk Network is a community-driven instant messaging network designed for smartphones and tablets.

Our sponsors

JMP gives you a real phone number for sending picture and text messages right from a Jabber account. JMP is currently hosting a registration provider for Kontalk.

Donation status
2013: you did it!!! Thank you!
2014: thank you once more!
2015: thank you all!
2016: thank you!!

Even if Kontalk is cheap by design, some costs are real. Hosting the server does need money to keep going. Donations are what keep Kontalk alive. We use money from donors exclusively to support our network.

Server rental: ∼350 €/year — increase since H2/2016 due to hosting of forum and translation portal
Domains: ∼20 €/year
SMS providers: 120-240 €/year — depends on user registrations